Google Analytics Study Guide

Become a Google Analytics Qualified Individual

The Google Analytics Exam Study Guide will help you pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. It’s a highly condensed version of Google’s resources – once you’ve covered the knowledge included in the guide, you’ll be ready to take Google’s exam.

This 29-page guide includes a condensed summary of:

  1. The basics of Google Analytics
  2. Analysis techniques
  3. How to create your own reports
  4. Getting more data into Google Analytics
  5. Segments and remarketing
  6. Goals, funnels and ecommerce
  7. Google Analytics account architecture
  8. Filters
  9. Attribution
  10. Event tracking
  11. Advanced Google Analytics features

Remember, this guide is designed to include the most important knowledge you’ll need to know for the exam. It doesn’t cover content for every single question you’ll find in the exam, or every single feature or report. Instead, it gives you enough condensed knowledge to pass the exam.

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